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Choosing A Cot

May 03, 2019 3 min read

Decorating baby’s nursery is such a fun and exciting time for any expectant parent. From selecting a theme to base the room around, all the way up to adding the smallest, cutest finishing touches, there are so many choices to make. But we know that sometimes the amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! One of the most important decisions that you’ll make for your nursery has to be the cot. There are so many styles to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin.

The first thing to consider has to be safety. Chances are your little one will be spending a lot of their time asleep, so feeling reassured that they’re safe whilst doing so is essential. There are so many great articles already created about cot safety and these are definitely worth a read if this is something that’s been worrying you. We especially love this Which? article which goes through in detail all the different types of cot bed that are available and the safety features to consider. The NHS website also offers some good advice on reducing the risk of SIDS, or sudden-infant death syndrome. We know it can be so scary to think about, but any tips to help avoid this are so important.

We’ve highlighted the five main types of cot available below. Each type will have many options available at plenty of different price-points so it’s good to shop around – we’ve just picked a few of our favourite examples below. (Click the cot types underneath the image to shop!)

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1. Cot
Cots are the ‘standard’ option to choose and are available in plenty of different colours, shapes and sizes. Look for one with ‘drop-sides’ so you can tuck your baby in easy, and a height-adjustable mattress means the cot can be lowered so it remains deep enough once your baby is able to pull themselves up with the bars. The cot should be sturdy and have a suitable baby mattress and sheets, and should last two or three years, until your baby is ready for their toddler-bed.

2. Moses basket
Moses baskets are great for newborn babies. The baskets can be carried around so you can watch your baby closely at all times. There are also stands available for most, meaning that you can easily place your baby level with your own bed whilst you both sleep. These can usually be used up to around four months old, depending how big your baby is. Your baby can be swaddled inside the basket to keep him cosy and warm.

3. Crib
Cribs are another easy option to have by your own bed whilst your baby is still very young. They are lightweight so can easily be moved from room to room when needed, and some even come on wheels to make this even easier. We love this simple white rocking crib to help baby drift off to sleep.

4. Carrycot
These are a great, practical, money-saving option as they often double up as both a pushchair and a car seat. They are easy to transport around with you from room-to-room. They will usually have a built-in mattress, so the only addition you would need would be blankets for swaddling. These can be used for a few months until your baby grows too big to fit!

5. Cotbed
These are usually pricier than the other options available, but their ability to remove the sides and transform into a bed for your toddler means you won’t need to purchase furniture twice. It will usually come with the same height-adjustable features as a regular cot, as well as many others – such as drawers underneath for extra storage.