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Theya’s Nursery | Part One

May 24, 2017 3 min read

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I am so excited to finally share this with you! Sorry it’s so late – the pre-baby me thought this blog post would be something I could do once my baby arrived (haha! I know right!) Anyway, 6 months later… and I have finally got around to photographing and sharing Theya’s room with you all.

Decorating my daughter’s nursery was a magical fun time. I loved putting it all together. As I added every detail, I was reminded of my daughter’s imminent arrival and that she really would be here very soon!!! I wanted to make it the most special room in our home, where we would make wonderful family memories with our daughter. But I also found it to be quite a daunting experience too. I felt the need to make everything ‘perfect’, like somehow if the nursery was ready then I would be ready too. It was a way to connect with my daughter before she arrived.

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I decided early in my pregnancy that my baby’s room would feature my illustrations, but when I found out I was having a girl, I felt quite overwhelmed that my decisions might affect my daughter’s aspirations and perceptions of what a girl should be. Would she like the way I have decorated her room? Should I use lots of pink? Or no pink? Flowers? Adventurous? But I realised at this young age her room would be more for me – somewhere I could feel calm and relaxed with my daughter, tell her stories and see her grow. So I decided upon an “English Garden” theme with lots of rabbits, florals and a traditional soft feel.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do much about the textured walls because it is rented, but the landlord was happy for us to paint over the wallpaper. It will probably come as no surprise that I chose grey! I find grey walls provide an easy, calming base to start building any style on. I used ‘Chic Shadow’ Matte Emulsion from Dulux . We also paid to have a new carpet laid in the room, choosing a light oatmeal colour to add warmth.

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I knew the focal Art piece would have to be my favourite Enchanted Tea Party. I then added more illustrations around this to create a symmetrical collection of Artworks above her cot. The Garden Wreath illustration fitted perfectly above the head end of her cot and the balloon Artwork above the changing table. It is so fantastic to see my original Artworks framed and displayed so pretty. I just hope Theya appreciates them too as she grows!

I opted for a modern changing table from Mamas & Papas. (you can lift the changing table up to use the hidden baby bath underneath, very useful and tidy solution). Theya loves looking at the rabbit head hanging on the back of the door whilst I change her (also from Mamas & Papas). The cot is from House of Fraser; I love its elegant curved design. Simple yet oh so stylish, it makes a real focal point in the room. The pretty floral bedding from The Little White Company is so understated and dainty, plus it’s the perfect spot for her soft friends to hang out.

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My assistant gifted Theya this rabbit wall hook and floral dress from John Lewis. Aren’t they simply gorgeous! I put them up straight away, it completed this side of the nursery perfectly. I already had the vintage rocking horse, but thought it would make a very cute shelf for our Beatrix Potter book collection. You can read more about how we revamped the rocking horse in our blog. The duck pram was a present from my parents. The adorable doll is from Cottage Toys and the stunning handmade felt flower garland was a fab find on Etsy.

There is a lot more of Theya’s nursery and plenty more photos to share with you very soon.

Hope you all like it!

Jessie x