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World Environment Day

May 31, 2019 2 min read

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Wednesday 5th June 2019 sees World Environment Day all around the globe. Since Daisy & Bump started we’ve been using a lot of plastic packaging with our products. So, over the last few weeks we’ve worked hard to reduce this to the lowest amount we could. Despite not being able to eliminate all plastic, the good news is that our packaging is now fully recyclable! Over the next weeks we’ll be phasing out all our current stock, ready to replace with our new, more environmentally friendly options.


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With our unframed prints, we’ve swapped out the cellophane sleeves for a translucent paper wrap that also doubles as a gift wrap, meaning we’ve completely removed plastic from this product! We were looking through Pinterest recently for some up-cycling inspiration, and came across this amazing hand-made shadow puppet theatre. You could definitely make this with your toddler using the packaging from the unframed prints. The box will be great to create the theatre itself, and the glassine paper is perfect for the backdrop. Cut little animals out of spare card for a fun show of your own!

We’re so excited that our framed prints are no longer wrapped in bubble wrap. This has been the most difficult item to replace, but finally we’ve found a solution. By using corrugated card instead, the frames are offered the same level of protection they were before. We’ve also made the change to using paper tapes to wrap around our boxes. Framed prints arrive in cardboard boxes, and we love this playhouse DIY idea!


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Left – DIY Cardboard Box Playhouse via Maikonago, Centre – Shadow Puppet Theatre via Pinterest, Right – Cardboard House via Playtivities

We have had to keep our plastic bubble bags. We searched high and low for any alternative but the delicate frames really need the air to protect them during their journey to you. The bags are actually created for laptops. Perhaps if you’re off on a lovely holiday and need to take your laptop with you, these would be good to pop into your suitcase to ensure its protected on its way there. Of course, there’s a good chance this won’t be the case! But, the bags are 100% recyclable and should be able to be put into your standard recycling collection. Once the bubbles are burst they should squash down nice and small so they’re not taking up too much room either.

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