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You Just Found Out You’re Pregnant

July 05, 2019 2 min read

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So you’ve just found out you’re pregnant… congratulations! Whether your pregnancy was planned or has come as a bit of a shock, the first step to take is to organise an appointment with either your midwife or GP as soon as possible. They’ll be able to provide you with lots of useful information to aid you on this exciting new journey, from helping you work out your due date, to offering you the flu vaccine, to advising you on what to expect over the coming months.

You’ll have your first scan after around 12 weeks, and this is when people usually tell their friends and family the good news! Your employer doesn’t have to know you’re pregnant until 15 weeks before your due date, but informing them before this will mean you’re entitled to leave for all your antenatal appointments. You should also be entitled to your payed maternity and paternity leave too of course.

Staying healthy during pregnancy can be especially hard, particularly with all those late-night cravings for the most random of foods! Most women gain around 10-12kg of weight, and this is completely normal, but maintaining some activities and including healthy foods in your diet is only going to help your baby’s development. The NHS has a great, comprehensive list of the foods that should be avoided or their intake lowered over the next few months, which you can see by clicking here.

Newborn babies grow surprisingly quickly, so there’s no need to purchase massive amounts of clothing at first – just enough to get your baby through the first few weeks before they inevitably get too big to fit! Sleeping clothes should be your first priority, as (hopefully!) this is what your baby will be doing the most. Most parents go for all-in-ones for ease, with a few cardigans and cosy tops, a couple of shawls or blankets for warmth, and little socks. If it’s cold weather season, add a cotton hat and soft mittens for extra protection.

Your next step will be to decorate your nursery, and we’ve already posted a separate little guide to get you started here. Most important is the cot which needs to be practical and safe, and there’s a guide to all the different types available right here too. You might also need a car seat – and don’t forget plenty of nappies and baby wipes!

So you’ve told your friends, family, work, been to all your antenatal classes and scans, decorated your nursery and picked out the tiniest, cutest clothes. Phew! The final step is to pack your bag ready for when you give birth to your little one. We’re planning on creating our own little guide to this at some point soon, but we do recommend visiting the NHS website here to see their baby to-do list. It’s jam-packed full of information to help make your pregnancy journey the best it can be!